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French Ancestry


My French families, except for the David family, all immigrated at the same time to the Richmond area of Virginia in August and September of 1700 on the ships Mary and Ann and Peter and Anthony. It appears the David family came later in about 1712. The following record indicates Pierre David and Anne Dutertre were married in London in 1710.\

   1710 22 Jan. Pierre David son of Pierre David and Rachel Debrey, originally Dutertre of Bollebec, in High (or upper)  Normandie, and living at present in Spittlefilds--and Anne Dutertre daughter of Louis Dutertre and of Mariane Buart, originally of Orleans in France, at present living at Soho par. of St. Gilles. The ceremony took place according to their public announcement in this church and in that of the Patente (or Clerk of Court) at Soho, by certificate signed by M. Forent minister of (Court?).

Witnesses Pierre David, father of the groom, Abraham David, Marianne Dutertre, L. Gagnon, Anne Gagnon. P. Fourestier, minister 

Their first child was born in October 1710 as the following announcement indicates.

Apparently the father, Pierre David II was serving in the Queen’s Guards in the war of Spanish Succession which had been contested throughout Europe and in North America as Queen Anne’s War. It is likely he was serving in North America and later brought his family to the Huguenot settlement in Virginia upon his separation from service. Pierre and Anne appear on a 1714 list of French refugees but without children. Peter the son, whose first child was born in 1838, is not listed as a "tithable" until 1744, while Anne after her husbands death in 1730, appears annually as a tithable and in other parish and church records. This leads to speculation on my part that the sons Pierre and Esaye born in England died before the Davids came to America and that the sons Peter and Isaac mentioned in Pierre David's 1730 will may have been both been born in Virginia after 1714. Anne mentions "my three children", Peter, Ann and Mary Ann, in her 1750 Will, Isaac apparently having previously died.

Family names of my other French ancestors settling in Virginia are Morrisette, Faure (later to become Fore, Foree and Ford in America), Chastain and Renaud (later to become Reno). These families were all French Huguenots who settled at a place they named Mannikin-town, on 10,000 acres granted them by King William III, who some had served in the Glorious Revolution, against James II. The David (pronounced Da’vid) line was carried forward until my 2nd Great Grandmother married William M. Moore in Georgia 150 years later.