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I have finished both of your books and enjoyed them very much. I'd like to commend you. The causes leading up to secession are know by very few in these United States. Every high school student should be required to read your work.

 Thanks, Bill Almond

Hello Ron

I have finished your books , SUPER, at several points I wanted to just rip out the pages and ingest them . you are a great writer.. I grew up in some rich battle country, Lived in Marietta near the Garrison Plantation ( Sherman's men used as a hospital ,so it wasn't burned) Smyrna ,near Kolb Farm) I lived and learned to fly in Kennesaw ( must have flown the saddle of that mountain 100 times) Horse camped from Lafayette, Ringgold ,Dalton Cartersville, Acworth, Dallas. Graduated from Joseph Wheeler High school. and although I loved reading and studying I never could get my head around all the battle strategy and keep all the events in order. But ...The War comes to Broad River put the entire chain of events on such a personal level , I really felt like I was there watching... years of misunderstood and non- understood reading began to come into focus and The Road To Rock Island help me to visualize the events on a broader level ...WOW... My Dad  was born  at the juncture of (what is now  Hwy.106 and the North Fork of the Broad River...and his moms people were from Madison County( her maiden name was Dove ) . Having a ball with tracking our ancestry( and queuing off points in your books for further reading... What a small world we live in and how the events unfolded meeting you and reading your books ...Really Kool...  THANKS...  OBTW. I joined the local SOCF..Gen.James H. McBride Camp no. 632 ..they talk a lot about historical events in Ga. and Tenn. my old stomping grounds ... Johnny Hicks  

I have read "...Broad River"  Enjoyed immensely.  Well written and very interesting.  Gives a lot of insight probably into all wars and battles of the politics of the officers, boredom of the troops, disorganization, etc, but mostly bravery and patriotism of the troops.  I just read The Bedford Boys and Jane and I spent a couple of days in Bedford Va and visited the D Day Memorial.  Fascinating story and history.

Charles A. Rose, Sr.

Mr. Jones,

Just wanted to drop a quick line and say I enjoyed reading "War Comes to Broad River". Thank you for putting the cold facts of muster rolls, pension records, etc... into a historical perspective of the people living at the time. My grandmother's family is from Elbert County. Her grandmother was Cora A. Ginn mentioned in the descendants of Issac Simmons. Cora was born 29 Sept 1860 and died 25 May 1939. She  married William Thomas Crittenden born 7 Dec 1858 and died 26 Jun1908. They are buried in Old Silver Brook Cemetery, Anderson, SC. Your research has really enlightened us as to the sacrifices made by her people.


Jeff Taylor

Montgomery, AL


I just finished reading the book I bought at Morristown. It is very good, you should be proud of such a fine work.  Randy Ball

Hi Ron,

     Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you I finished "War Comes To Broad River" last night and I really hated for it to end!  I thoroughly enjoyed every word in it!!  We were sitting on our back screen porch reading and Roy noticed I was crying and wiping away the tears. He said,"what happened??" and I said, " he died, his son died!!"  That was so sad and you really did a wonderful job of making the reader "feel" it.  I am so thankful to you for writing about our family and that district of Georgia and bringing it so vividly to life.  You did an awesome job!

Linda Hindman

 By Billy Moore on August 30, 2005

This book is based on the Civil War diary of my great-great grandfather. The diary was always available, but Ron Jones has added "the rest of the story" to make the reading much more interesting. My first purchase on Amazon was very smooth.
Billy Moore in Va Bch VA

Ron did a great job making the diary passages come to life

By Sondy69 on October 4, 2014

Fabulous book! Most of my family is mentioned. Ron did a great job making the diary passages come to life.

   I finished THE ROAD TO ROCK ISLAND over the weekend and again, I was really sorry to see it end.  It was such a joy for me to see Gaines mentioned and to get such a clear picture of how it was for our Goshen Blues during the War of Northern Aggression !!  But how on earth did they get their lives back together after all they went through??  You need to write another book!!  I enjoyed the book immensely, you are a wonderful writer, you really have a special gift.

Linda hindman

By   Gaylan Lane "Gaylan Lane" (Knoxville) -

This review is from: The Road to Rock Island: A Confederate Soldier's Story (Paperback)

"The Road to Rock Island " is a fascinating story of a common, down-to-earth farmer named Will Moore, who simply desires to fulfill his duties in life. A family man, Will, along with his loving wife, Keziah, and two young children, live among a very close-knit family of relatives, and close friends, in Elbert County , Georgia at the dawning of the War Between the States. Initially, Will hopes to avoid any involvement with that conflict, but the thunder of war was just too great to ignore, and in the autumn of 1861, Will, his brother Tom, and others of their relatives, join the "Goshen Blues," which would be organized as part of the 38th Regiment of the Georgia Volunteer Infantry, C.S.A.

Will, along with 38th Regiment (and later on the 15th Georgia Regt.), would see action at Gaines' Mill, 2nd Manassas , Sharpsburg , Fredericksburg , Gettysburg , Chickamauga , and Knoxville , until he and others of a foraging group are captured by the Yankees northeast of Knoxville in the winter of 1864. From there, Private Will Moore will face the deprivation and horrid conditions as a P.O.W. at Rock Island Prison before being exchanged, and then finally being reunited with his family toward the end of the war.

The author, Ron Jones, does a masterful job of interweaving fiction (which is primarily the dialogue between the main characters of the story) with factual history, which is presented in the form of many excerpts from official orders and reports, as well as eyewitness accounts. There are also many maps and photographs, including one of the Moore family (Will, his brothers, their father, and their wives) taken a few years after the year. Near the end of the book is a listing of names of the men (and their fate) while serving as part of the Goshen Blues (or Co. H, 38th Georgia Infantry Regiment).

This book is a book which I've enjoyed reading and rereading again. "The Road to Rock Island" would be a good introductory book for anyone who is not that familiar with the "Civil War."


I just finished the book.  I enjoyed every page.  There's no reason this couldn't be a movie every bit as good as "Cold Mountain".

 Thanks for writing it !……Wayne Bradshaw

Day before yesterday i finished reading "The Road to Rock Island" and thoroughly enjoyed the book.  I felt like I really got to know several of the principals and could feel the emotions.  Charles Wearing

Hi Ron, 

So glad the package arrived.  I am truly indebted to you - and my book is a small thank you for your generosity.  I hope you and your wife enjoy it.  You have provided important information for me to continue Mother's legacy of family genealogy.  She too would be thrilled to read your book(s).

"War Comes to Broad River" is absolutely fantastic! I rarely read a book more than once, but I find yours to be truly compelling.  Of course there is the family connection that draws me in - but your combination of real people and their experiences in the context of southern history touches me in a deeply emotional way.  Through the years, I've read various publications about the Civil War, but none has "brought it to life" as you have, and the addition of maps, photographs, letters and the diary give it a richness that makes it hard to put down - I find myself looking at and re-reading parts of it every day.

Many thanks!

Susan Power


By NANCY BEALS on July 16, 2010

Coming from this area, great to read about what went on in the past. We have several RI informaton books and this will add to our collection. However, we are finding conflicting information on even identical photographs among the books we have.


Excellent book


By R. Spradley on August 24, 2013

What drew me to this book was the picture on the cover. I knew my great-great grandfather--a sergeant in the Confederate army--was captured and taken here. What surprised me was his picture on the cover. The book explains a lot about what he went through.


Five Stars


By Sondy69 on October 4, 2014

I thought this was even better than War Comes To Broad River.