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It is difficult to determine how many of my ancestral families had roots in Scotland. Some by their names alone (Davidson, McMillan, Manes and Wilson) identify them as families of Scotland. Others with names common throughout Great Britain and Scotland, such as Burden, Elliot, McEwen, Hall, Saunders, Moore, Smith, Wilkins, White, Tate/Tait, Sims and Conyers are all listed among the Septs of Scottish Clans. I have included links to the Clans and their Septs for those who might be curious about the origin of their family names:     

Scottish Clans - Septs and Scottish Clans or

Scottish clan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I celebrate by Scottish ancestry and that of my wife Annette by membership in the Scottish Society in my hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee and by membership at the present time in Clan Gunn (thru the Septs of Wilson and Manes) and Clan Graham, which is my wife’s family name and thru which my distant relatives the Conyers are Septs.

Following is the website for the Scottish Society of Knoxville  Scottish Society of Knoxville

I have included information on several of those Clans which I have family affiliation as a part of this section of my genealogy.

Clan Gunn: Manes and Wilson

Clan Davidson: Davidson

Clan MacMillan: MacMillan

Clan Graham: Conyers

Clan Gordon, Muir and Leslie: More/Moore

Clan MacLachlan: McEwen

Clan MacDonald: Wilkins

Clan MacGregor: White

Clan Skene: Hall

Clan Fraser: Sims,Simmons

Clan Lamont: Burden

Clan Elliot: Elliot

Clan MacAlister: Saunders

Clan MacPherson: Smith