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Welsh Families


The names Johns and Jones, sometimes used synonymously, are originally of Welsh origin but by the time of immigration to the Colonies many of the names originating is specific locations in the British Isles had been become somewhat common in the whole of Great Britain.  

The Johns family arrived in Virginia in the mid 1600’s and were involved in the shipping and trading business apparently with the Fox family who heavily involved transporting goods to and from the Colonies. The earliest Johns in my family was Richard Johns who married Jane Fox, the daughter of Capt. John Fox sometime after their arrival aboard Capt. Fox’s “White Horse and Curry Comb” which sailed to Virginia in late 1650.

The ancestry of my Jones family, is shrouded in mystery as the earliest proven ancestor is my Great Grandfather William Smith Jones who was born in Tennessee in 1818. Little is known of his parents other than their places of birth, which for his father was North Carolina and his mother Ireland. The middle name of Smith may be a clue that his mother’s name could have been Smith as the mother’s surname was often used as a middle name for children especially males. DNA testing indicates no Jones matches and adds to the mystery of William Smith Jones.

My Y or paternal DNA matches are originate in the British Isles, primarily Scotland, and in Norway where my closest YDNA, surname Andersen, still lives. My Autosomal DNA, genetic origin, is primarily in Norway and the British Isles, suggesting that many of my ancestors were likely Vikings who settled in Scotland and England.  

The history of my Vaughn or Vaughan family begins in south central Virginia below what is now Richmond. By the rent rolls of 1704 there were a dozen Vaughans in Virginia many of them in Prince George County, including Samuel who I believe to be my 7th Great Grandfather. Prince George County was formed from Charles City County which is where my Vaughan family likely arrived in America. A John Vaughan, sponsored by a John Chew, came to Charles City County in 1637. Some researchers have this John Vaughan as the Grandfather of Samuel.